Bucket List

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Do you guys have a bucket list? Or some kind of a wish list of the things you wanna do or places you wanna go before you die?

This idea was actually suggested to me by Ed, when I was in Kangaroo Island. This isn't so much of a french thing, we don't even have a proper name for it. I started to do an Australian bucket list, I haven't done most of it, but I thought that I might as well have a global bucket list and that I could add things I did hat really impacted on me as well...

It will probably change as time goes by, it is highly probable that I'll add things to it and if you'd wish to, you're more than welcome to leave you ideas as well.

- See the Taj Mahal

- Go to Petra

- Write a book (even a tiny one)

- Dive with the Great Whites 

- Go to see Gyza' pyramids and Sphinx

- Do a Safari in Africa

- Have a Whiskey tasting in Scotland

- Go to the Great Wall of China

- Watch a shooting stars shower

- Drive the road 66 in a Harley or a convertible Mustang

- Watch a total solar eclipse

- See the southern /  northern lights

- Go to space

- Go to the Grand Canyon

- Lear to sign

- See most of the planets' volcanoes (done so far: Etna)

- Jerusalem Wall

- Start a camp fire with no matches or lighter

- Get a tattoo

- Swim with dolphins in the wild

- Go to Rio's carnival

- Read "Les Misérables"

- See a musical in Brodway

- Sleep up in a tree 

- Go back to Oz and do my aussie buckt list

- Go to a Michael Jackson concert

- Have a ride in a hot air balloon

- Volunteer in a humanitarian organization

- Have 40 people read my blog in a day

- Learn tap dance

- Ride the Trans-Siberian

- Milk a cow

- Go to the Oktoberfest

- Have a meal in an undersea restaurant

- Solve a Rubik's cube

- Draw a perfect dead tree

- Go mud wrestling

- Sit on a jury






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