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Fraser Island is probably one of the nicest spots on earth. I use probably here as I aven’t see the whole of the world’s beauty yet, but waw, it is stunning there! Moreover the indigenous Australians named it K’gari, which means Paradise.

Fraser Island is the world’s biggest sand island (123km long and 15km wide) and is home to over 325 bird species and Australian native animals (inclusive two of the world’s deadliest spider, you can take my word, I saw half a fennel web sider). It as well one of the very few places where you can meet the purest breed of dingoes, due to its relative isolation from the mainland’s domestic and feral dogs. It seems logical that it is listed to the World Heritage since 1992.

Dingoes became quite an issue on Fraser as some of them became quite dangerous, the reason behind it being humans feeding them or encouraging this “wild” behavior. A safety guide has been made available throughout the island, the rules being fairly logical: no feeding, no rubbish left behind (heavy fine applies), keep your distances…

My very first encounter with a dingo was in a zoo, while being a “grasshopper”. The zookeeper informed us that originally dingoes aren’t dangerous for the human. Furthermore, they don’t smell at all, unlike dogs (I’m sure you’ve all patted a dog and yucked at the smell left on your hand or at their bad breath), the reason it that as they are wild animals, their prey can’t smell them coming. On the mainland it is mating between dogs and dingoes that turns them dangerous, on Fraser, it is the human.

You can get to the paradise island by different ways : taking the ferry from Hervey Bay, famous for being the aussie capital for whale watching (about 3000 humpback from July to November), trip last roughly a couple of hours. The other option, maybe better for those suffering from sea sickness, yet preferable if you drive a 4WD is to go through Rainbow beach to reach Twantin’s barge and enjoy a short 10 min crossing. The main thing to do is to be aware of the tides in addition to the good car. On the shore you can drive up to 80km/h but keep to the normal code, camping areas are limited to 30km/h and yes before you ask, police patrols the beach.

Rainbow beach is a gorgeous beach, owing its "rainbow" name to the various colored sands layering the dunes. As milleniums go by, sedimentation and nature have created those  yellow, rusty or black colored sand. On this beach as well as on Fraser there are numerous and pure freshwater sources. If one would wish for it, he could easily live from all of nature resources, being unspotted and unoticed (Oz being fairly not populated), and enjoy the majesty of beautiful sceneries.

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