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At last, I took a tour of KI, thanks to my job I got to enjoy a free ride on the "Sealink Highights tour" offered by the company Sealink. Now I know the product I can sell to our guests and won’t be told off for unwisely advising the customer on the islands’ attractions. Well some of you may have already noticed that I added photos to the album "wildlife". I will put comments on them later, but first I will focus on this article and try to publish both versions online at the same time.

So, we left  the hotel at 8:45 to pick up other tourists and swooped bus  in front of the lovely Eucalyptus Oil Distillery  (and post office
On board again towards Seal Bay. The instructions are given, venturing solo on the beach might be one of the last action we do, we must remain as  a group in order to look like  a clan the  a sea lion won’t dare attacking because, unlike seals, these can run on all fours, and then they go pretty fast.

Once on the beach is the abundance, they are everywhere, it's magic and I enjoyed taking loads of pictures as usual and I recreated my personal story. Madame calls his male; it first sends the little one

, before coming to kiss his female....

After this stop, it is already lunchtime. It took quite a while to gather the troops and go down to Seal Bay. Then, digestive pause, time for the "Bird of Prey" show, where we will see a sample of the island’s predatory birds in close up.  The mini Hawk is just super cute, the owl is sweet, the twin birds remained silent, unfortunately, as their call sounds like a laugh (but it seems they sing only at sunrise and sunset to mark their territory, and the trainer's arm or mine also were probably not a territory to be marked). Majestic eagle presentation to end the show, they have a wingspan of 2.74 m, making him the largest predatory bird in Australia. The trainer didn’t let him fly because a sick koala was slowly dying a little further away  and  he did not the eagle to chomp it before our eyes. By the way, eagles’ favorite food is rabbit, yet this is non-existent specie on Kangaroo Island. Thus they feed on kangaroos and wallabies and take advantage of the many road kills. There is a campaign "toot your horn for Wedge-tailed Eagles", because while occupied to eat its prey, the eagle won’t fly when a car approaches, so you must honk to scare it away.  

Afterwards, we go back on the bus, towards Flinders Chase’s National Park and  the Remarkable Rocks. These impressive granite boulders have been sculpted by the combination of wind and waves for 500 million years. The pictures speak for themselves, the show is amazing. You feel really small. So yes, to anticipate the questions, it's summer and I'm in Australia, but yes, I am warmly clothed  the wind can be fairly cold as the big blue thing you see in the back is the Southern Ocean, not exactly the hottest in the world .... But the air is pure and It’s a treat!
A quick glance at the Lighthouse Cape Couedic as we pass by it, a Breton name if that’s not beautiful ^ ^ (in fact relation at all,  but for the story I had clients from  the suburbs of Neuchâtel c/out this morning) my roots are definitely on my way around ...
Before last stop Admirals Arch, and its New Zealand fur seals. Nature is beautiful, magical, astonishing. The deafening sound of the wind and waves, the cries of the seals is the beauty of the place. Today’s special and according to the guide and rare enough to be mentioned, a seal had enough energy to return after a shark attack which it succumbed from in the end. In general, they disappear at sea…


Okay a bit of cheerfulness and peeping on the seals now ;) to end this little story....





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