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Being a grasshopper, I don't get to choose where I stay but some places appeal more to me than some others. Nambucca Heads is among them, its name, aboriginal means "entrance to the waters" as it is where the river meets the ocean, leading to nice shades of blue. There are as well pretty shore walks in the rainforest or the mangrove, salted lakes and the rumbling waves of the Pacific. Clearly, don't go surfing there if you don't have a bit of practice.

jettée Nambucca

Once again, I fell for a jetty, I don't know why I have this thing with jetties. Ifby any chance, among my readers there is to be any one who can explain that to me, please feel free to do so! That jetty was about arts, 1km long at least lined with painted rocks, covered in RIP messages, proposals, family gatherings. All this made me curious (of course you know me) and I went to the recption of the camping we were staying at to get some more information. The reason for this is no reason, just the willingness of some to leave mark of them being there and it became kind of a tradition. The receptionnist own family painted a rock the previous weekend. But you gotta admit, it looks nice doesn't it?

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