Outback roadtrip

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It all started when I got back to Adelaide from my sharks' dive. I was brainstorming about how to get the most out of my last month in Oz when I remebered that I could use the rideshare option from Gumtree.I thus posted an add labelled "Roadtrip to anywhere".


I got quite a few contacts, but I settled on the first I had and after quite a few sms, mails and phone calls, it all started to take shape. Just want to make clear, that I might be a bit crazy sometimes, but I am not stupid. Everyone knew what I was up to and a lot of them had his full name, email, mobile number and rego number... Btw sorry bout that Clint if you read these lines ;)


He's an aussie blocke who has an extensive knowedge of the outback (or if it is not the cas he just pretends well enough); We travel along with his two dogs in his Ute and into some areas where a tourist has never been. His work has made him work there and I consider myself lucky, I wouldn't have enjoyed a similar experience with a fellow backpacker.


I've been to absolutly gorgeous NWS areas, mostly in Broken Hill area. I just love it, the outback I can see is the outback I imagined and dearly wanted to see since I set foot in Oz, red soil, dark arid green and blue sky. OMG I love this country!!!

It all was too good to be true maybe and as everyone knows, driving in the wild in Oz should not be taken lightly. It doesn't matter if you know your business, a car is still a car and when it doens't wanna play along, it ain't funny. Two days ago, on the road from White Cliffs to Broken Hill (290km), the latest 140km were the longest ever: 5h30... What went wrong? Something to do with a pipe in the diesel engine that stopped it from working more than 2 or 3 kms in a row, Clint had to manually reboot about 50 times. We got in Broken Hill around midnight and there discovers that his back pocket was torn, thus all of his papers, cards and his driving licence. The roadtrip is on hold but it doesn't matter, I'm not in a hurry and enjoy walking about.


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