Sydney part 2

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Sydney, once again ^^. No cultural visit this time, but I've given a try to Circular Quay's nightlife, Hyde Park and Sydney Harbour from the see in Darling Harbour among other things.


sailing sydney harbour


 I can guarantee you that being part of the few 3000 lucky persons to have sail onbord the "Steak & Kidney" which won the America's cup back in 1977 or the "Australia" which has been built upon the victory, is kind of an awesome feeling. I am far from being at ease on a boat, especially if I am doing something different than just quietly sitting down as shown here, but I did it nevertheless, it was such an opportunity ^^ And it was in one the the world's greattest harbour, I'm not to complain... My hometown Brest is quite nice, ut its harbour doesn't have such a great scenery or Opera.



le pont l'opera le bateau


Couple of days later, I tried the jet ski with one of those bing things where 20 pax can be seated. It was nice, but not as much as a bumpy ride as I expected. The sea was fairly quiet though and the sun was bright, that could explain maybe. Nevertheless we all had a good laugh and came out soaked, even though we were all wearing ponchos....

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