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In my previous articles and on a couple of pictures, I mentioned Helen and her family, here they are. I wanted to thank them once again for their generosity and their kindness. Garth, Helen’s father, who took me on a day trip around the Island, almost knows everything thing there, as he arrived on KI 60 years ago and never left. Even now, he still discovers new places. Ed, really made me want to take a paddle boat on the mighty Murray river. Thanx to Brendon, I have discovered how it was to having a little bro^^. Finally Helen, of course, calling me a brat pretty often, at least once a day even though her father did not quite agree with the idea. With you all guys, I discovered the Aussie culture with its barbies, I emptied your gardens of tomatoes, carrots or figs and I emptied your cupboards of homemade jams. I felt I was part of an aussie family and I really can’t wait to see you all back in September!!!

Wissink family




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