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Hi everyone,


I'm gonna try to lauch a side of this blog in english so that the great people I meet on the way may read as well the latest updates of my adventures.


First, I would like to reassure everyone, that unless being authorised, no full name or personal pictures will be published for privacy purposes.

Then I would like to thank N and C for their warm welcome last Friday. I really had a great evening, and met awesome persons. I hope that I'll get a chance to see you again, either in Adelaide, KI or elsewhere, who knows?

L, was a real pleasure meeting you and having this walk by the beach yesterday morning. Many thanx as well for your email, just got it while writting these few words ^^


K, many thanx for these car drive into the city. The conference yesterday was really interesting. Hopefully, if my schedule allows it, I might enjoy another one!


N, I hope you had a safe trip back to the US. Who knows, we might be able to catch up in NY one day, that'd be great!

J, it was really amazing meeting you on Saturday, as you said, felt we've known each other for ages, and not just a couple of hours! Tell me when you get your PR, we could try to travel together for a bit ^^


I am leaving Glenelg this afternoon, thus, I don't know when I'll be able to connect to the net again; hopefully soon enough, its getting funnier to write on a blog.

I'll try ASAP to give some translation of the previous articles about Singapore. please feel free to navigate trhought the blog and do not hesitate to give me feedbacks, it'll help me improving it.

As well, please feel free to share it with your friends. I quite donno yet how it all works, but it seems that the more visitors I have, the more space I'll get to share pics.


By for now!


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