Who is Vana?

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Hi there!


At last, I will introduce myself as I might end up having international visitors that I haven't met yet in person.


So, my name is Vanessa, most of the time called Vana, as it is nickname I quite like, which make it a fairly good reason I believe. I turned 31 last September and left France more than a mont ago now to go to Australia, on a Working Holiday Visa.


Why Australia? Truth being told, I had never really think of it. Australia was my sister's J, dream, not mine. She had the great opportunity to study in Sydney last year in an exchange programme withe the UTS and after a year of studies, I flew Down Under in a kind of a rescue mission.  I explain: I have as well studied in an international environment and found it awesome and I knew it would be quite difficult to go back to the "same old routine" and heartbreaking to leave amazing friends. Second reason, being such a stunning person myself (lol), I came with a quite big empty suitcase, that would allow my sis to move her excess weight from her luggage into my free space. Third, 24hours flight, when one is affraid is quite a big deal, I came in a handy on that level too.


To make a long story short, these are the reasons of my original travel, travel during wich I discovered a tiny little bit of the country and just fell for it. Its magnificents countrysides, welcoming inhabitants and so forth. While in youth hostels I learned about the WHV and the 31st birthday deadline. I reckon, that's when it started buzzing in my mind...


Back in France 20th of July, phone call to mummy on the 21st or 22nd (of course I had already called her as soon as the plane landed in Paris though), just to get her point of view. I am 30, turning on 31 in little more than a month, I am single and unemployed. Basically, it is now or never, shall I go for it? She agrees big time, on the 22nd I apply for my Visa, I receive it on the 23rd... It was meant to be...


A funny personal touch, when I was a kid, my favorite movie was The wizard o Oz, being in Oz for a year is somewhat "comforting", even though I perfectly know that both have nothing in common.


Well, this is part of the story of why and what brought me Down Under. This blog is a mean for me to share my adventures, pics thoughts and probably tons of different other things with all the ones that I love, support me, envy me maybe a little, and if total strangers wanna hit the road as well, all good come and join ^^ This is why as well I'm tempting to get hold of the internet opportunities.


Many thanx for ur reading^^



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